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Get more for your money with Moore4Less Auto Repair

Moore4Less Auto Repair brings more than 35 years of auto servicing and repairs to let your ride feel like a new one. We hold two things dear to us; one is our passion for automobiles and the other your life. Our service quality is built on a foundation of honesty and reliability in treating your cars for any issues. Moore4Less is biased towards exceeding customer expectations with both support and services. Our diligent and warrantable auto repair and service allows you to get a bang for a buck with unimaginable low pricing. Be at ease with the best automotive services.

We look forward to delivering superb satisfaction for automotive repair and services. Get an on-call appointment now!

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Auto Repair Shop


Spark plugs, ignition wires, filters, ignition coils, injectors, and more.

We bring you one of the best tune-ups, you might need one just in case when you leave for a road trip. Avoid a roadside stop or getting late to work with a faulty ignition or injector issue with a full-scale tuning from Moore4Less Auto Repair.

Our tuning services further, including changing the following:

  • Starters
  • Alternators


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Our Services

Services We Provide

Brake repairs

Oil maintenance and brake shoe changes can help you get through a lot of sharp turns and emergency stops


At Auto Repair Shop, we offer you reliable and hassle free suspension service for vehicles of all makes and models.


We bring you one of the best tune-ups, you might need one just in case when you leave for a road trip.


We bring you the best vehicle electrical system repair, from your stereo system, lights, and any other electrical system

Drive belts

Your engine might stop anytime if the drive belt is not strong enough. Any pressure on a worn out and weakened drive belt

Timing belts and chains

Get your vehicle a timing belt change with Moore4Less Auto Repair to keep your car in pristine running form.


The Auto Repair Shop Way

Quality Work is Our First Priority

Get everything done to perfection - witness our experts deal with an unmaintained engine.

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